The local, live and leading media of mid Nepal, Community Radio Madi is the multilingual & model FM station,
broadcasting on 107.60 MHz and also via Websites, Facebook, Android, iOS & Windows devices worldwide.

Recent Stories of Success

Formation of Chitwan National Park Buffer zone Users Committee in Kalyanpur area of Madi Municipality was halted for a long time amid user's group election crisis. Concerned authorities and local representatives were reluctant to sit on dialogue to solve the issue. Community Radio Madi co-organized a ''Round Table Interaction Program'' and a process of dialogue was ignited. As the result, now the BZUC and other committees are formed and a co-working cum better sociopolitical environment has been established.
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Community Radio Madi organized an interaction program among the stakeholders of 'Electrification Project in Madi'. The project was halted for a long time, and it was going to halt more. Hence, Radio Madi called every stakeholder including the political leaders and an Indoor but Live Interaction Program was organized. As the result, the sub-station has been charged.
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