The local, live & leading media of mid Nepal, Community Radio Madi is a multilingual & model FM station.
We broadcast on 107.6 MHz and also via Websites, Facebook, Android, iOS & Windows devices worldwide.

Recent Stories of Success

Formation of Chitwan National Park Buffer zone Users Committee in Kalyanpur area of Madi Municipality was halted for a long time amid user's group election crisis. Concerned authorities and local representatives were reluctant to sit on dialogue to solve the issue. Community Radio Madi co-organized a ''Round Table Interaction Program'' and a process of dialogue was ignited. As the result, now the BZUC and other committees are formed.
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Radio Madi organized an interaction program among the stakeholders of 'Electrification Project in Madi'. The project was halted for a long time. Radio Madi called every stakeholder including the political leaders and an Indoor but Live Interaction Program was organized. As the result, the sub-station has been charged.
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